Hi there, I’m Kelly!

Living in Singapore and surrounded by awesome Southeast Asian food, I’ve developed an insatiable desire for delicious food, but ain’t nobody got time for complicated cooking recipes with two young kids running wild while I’m busy hustling a day job! 

So I started researching QUICK and EASY recipes that anyone can prepare with common kitchen ingredients, and I also wanted to help other unfortunate souls who are stuck in demanding jobs with no time to cook. Hence, Kelly Cooks was born to share these yummylicious recipes with the world!

A Taste of My Roots

My culinary journey began in Malaysia, a land known for its incredibly rich and diverse food culture. I grew up eating a whole smorgasbord of Chinese, Malay, Indian and indigenous food, from major cities to small towns all across Malaysia. 

True to it’s reputation of “Malaysia, Truly Asia“, the diverse food in Malaysia is heavily influenced from all parts of Asia, from China to India to Indonesia. I was fortunate enough to be immersed in this world of aromatic spices, inventive ingredients, and soul-satisfying recipes that have been passed down through generations. 

My earliest memories revolve around the bustling night markets (or pasar malam as it is called in Malaysia), sizzling woks, shouting chefs, and enticing aromas of street food stalls that somehow offer the most mind-blowing flavours. Life took me on a journey, and I now call the enchanting island of Singapore my home, with the privilege of exploring local Singapore food as well as more world-renown cuisines from across the Asia Pacific.

A Culinary Inheritance

Much of what I know about cooking, I learnt from my beloved mother, who was a devoted stay-at-home mom. She was my first teacher in the art of creating magic in the kitchen. Her wisdom, patience, and love for cooking were my guiding stars. Our family gatherings were always chock full of delicious home-cooked food that, in hindsight, were better than any restaurant food out there, and were the best meals that stay with me forever.

Simplifying the Complex

As a busy mother of two young kids, I completely understand the daily juggling act of parenthood. Every day is a constant struggle between “should I just get some takeout food?” and “my kids should be eating healthy!”. Balancing family, work, and cooking can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! My goal is to simplify complex Southeast Asian recipes and transform them into easy-to-follow, family-friendly creations. I firmly believe that anyone can whip up a delicious meal with a dash of enthusiasm, a pinch of patience, and a sprinkle of love.

Join Me on this Flavourful Journey!

Through my blog, I hope to bridge the gap between cultures and continents, and invite you to explore the exquisite flavours of Southeast Asia from the comfort of your own kitchen, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a newbie at cooking! Here’s to the love of food, family, and flavours that transport us across oceans and generations.

Happy cooking!